22 octobre 2006

Celebration of life

All right, my brother's been a dad for a week, so let's take a moment to celebrate this tiny wee new (and really, honestly, unbiasedly gorgeous) life.
Done? OK then. Let's not get too carried away here. Remember we're all about restraint on this site.
Rather, let's move swiftly on to feeling sorry for me-me-me. Because let's face it, that's why this thing exists, isn't it? ("This thing" referring not to my new-born niece, but to this site. Hard though I may try, I'm not quite that callous yet.)
See, I have lost any trace of novelty that I may have held for my parents and extended family. You know, the whole "she's gone far away to live her life, how's it like overseasin Paris then?" kind of thing.
Well, that's a thing of the past. It's all about the brats now, even more so than before. And I've been relegated to the ranks of spinstery, if a little eccentric, old aunts. It's not completely official, you understand, but I'd started noticing the oblique glances last time I saw everybody, so I can tell it'll be full-blown next time I'm home. For Christmas, for instance. Ugh. Can't wait.
It's all right, though. I'd already started perverting my older niece (she's only eight, but compared to a one-week-old, she's older. Tough, but they gotta learn early. I may have to ask her soon if she's finally met someone.) with inappropriate language and songs, and last time I talked to her, I planted seeds for her to come visit without her mom so I could fully accomplish my life-mission. And I intend to do the exact same thing with the young one.
I'm evil.

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