08 juin 2006

So that's my excuse, huh...

You know what, it's kind of hard to write anything when Blogger is so obviously up the proverbial creek without its trusted cyber paddle.
Even if I did think of something funny to write about - which I don't, so don't hold your breath here, 'cause, well... you'd die - the fifteen minutes and four refreshes it takes for each page to load up on my screen before I even make it to the "new post" thingamajig do tend to make me let go of the plot entirely, as proved by the single string of profanities that seems to be going round on a loop in my head. And I've watched Deadwood, so that's a single, long, string of profanities we're talking about here. It is in fact possible that part of said string escaped the confines of my head and made it past my usually pristine lips. They're probably tainted forever now.
Yeah, so maybe my lips weren't so pristine nor my grasp of the plot so perfect to begin with, but I'll blame Blogger anyway.

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