01 juin 2006

Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

A funny thing happened yesterday. Not funny strange, funny ha ha. Well, not really funny ha ha, more like I-really-want-to-rip-your-bloody-throat-open-with-my-nails-bitten-raw funny.
You see, the people I'm talking to about a potential job are dangling the opportunity in front of me, but they have perfected the "tantalisingly close" thing to a work of art. So yes, but not quite. Or maybe but we're not completely ready just yet.
Also - or should that be hence - I am in the shittiest of moods today. You'd think that that could have happened when I was at my parents' and I had people to get angry and snap at for no reason except the intense satisfaction of seeing a look of utter incomprehension on their faces while their mouths opened and closed in a near-perfect impersonation of a fish that racks its brains for a killing repartee but can't find one, wouldn't you. No, surprisingly, that went quite well. And now, I'm back in Paris, where the weather is an absolute crime against my humanity, and there's no one around that I can calm my nerves on.
Well, I guess I am simply going to have to pay the unemployment agency a visit tomorrow and kill someone, then.

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