24 juin 2006


If you haven't read Jenn's words, or seen her photos, you've been missing out - hugely. A beautiful mind, a beautiful young woman, a beautiful person.
Jenn passed away Thursday night. There is nothing that can be said here that will ever make this even close to bearable. She was robbed of her whole life, her loved ones were robbed of her whole life.
Jenn was one of the truly amazing people I am lucky enough to have met in that unlikely cyberworld. Of course we'd never actually met, but does that even count? She said to me recently that "when i end up in paris again one day i (will) bang on your door & demand that you drink wine with me...", and I so wish I could tell her that she's not off the hook...
Jenn showed me that writing could be a thing of joy, even in sadness.
Not this time.
It dawned on me yesterday that everytime I snap a picture of anything, everything, I think of her. Jenn showed me that photography was retaining a little of your childhood spirit, and letting it loose in the world. And I wish I'd told her that I am so very grateful to her for that.
It is possible to miss people that you've never met. I didn't want to know that.

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