02 avril 2006

Ever felt like the sky was the limit?

Nah, me neither.
Still. Right now, I have this deluded feeling that I can achieve anything I set my sights on. Provided I'm the only one involved of course. Which means I'm not sorting the job situation, the boyfriend situation, or the money situation just now. But... It does leave the DIY situation, and I could deal with this one right now if I felt so inclined.
And right now, I do feel so inclined.
Oh how the DIY situation is scared of its suddenly considerably reduced life expectancy.
See, this can prove a dangerous feeling. Not the fear, the "I can do it" feeling. Consider this. I am the unfortunate owner of two left hands made up of ten thumbs, each or not each, depending on how much I've had to drink. Yet right now, I'd love nothing more than a power tool of some sort. Surely it's a bad idea. I want to put shelves in, hang frames, repaint the bathroom ceiling... and maybe install a staircase, just for the hell of it.
If I trusted my instincts, I'd start drilling holes
right now, juggling drill and hammer with the occasional nail and MDF board, and would probably end up causing a major, Paris-wide black-out.
I guess my neighbors, Paris, and the DIY situation can thank their lucky stars that it's usually around 1 a.m. that this sort of feeling sets in.

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