20 avril 2006

Hear ye, hear ye

All right, you'uns*. Jason, over yonder at Clarity of Night, is having a short-story contest. You might want to go, take a good look at the picture, and enter the competition. You might also want to make sure that what you write is good, but not too good, because I would really like to win. If I enter the competition myself. Which I may or may not do, it's undecided as yet, but still. In the event that blah blah blah... give me a chance.

Apart from that... Not much. Oh yes. Christopher Guest may just be my latest celebrity crush. You gotta love an understated actor. And please don't judge me by that picture. Obviously his agents don't like him much.
Other than that... Nothing really. Oh yes. Today is the 111th day of the year. I quite like that.
Can you tell I have nothing to say? Do I get points for trying? Or would it have been better if I'd just abstained? Yeah... See, trying too hard, that's my problem. All the time I just try too hard. But I just want people to love me... So I try, and I try, and I try, and I try... I can't get no... Sorry. Oh my god, I can't stop. Someone shoot me, please.

*Let it not be said that I do not rise** to the challenges thrown my way. Hope I used it right.
**Although I know I won't be able to meet just any challenge, so don't swamp my mailbox. Ta.

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