03 mars 2010

Commuter's rage

Right. I know i'm broaching a topic i've broached before, and I know i'm an impatient cow, and i KNOW i have a serious anger management problem.
Actually that's not true. My anger management is top notch. My inner Patrick Bateman is thriving, that's how good my anger management is: my Patrick Bateman is still INNER.
However repetitive and redundant i might be, the great truth is: i repeat because it is!
Today, i give you: the armpit of America.
New Jersey commuters who go through the World Trade Center Path station should be gathered on a island*, and... starved until they eat each other.
Holy cow, this is such an awesome plan. The last one standing could be left there until more obnoxious people, which i'm sure it wouldn't take too long to find,
are corralled up and sent over... and on we go!
And there you have it, peeps. My inner Patrick Bateman, ridding the world of its morons, one cannibal reality show at a time.

*Nice try. A remote island. Manhattan is not an option just yet.

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