08 mars 2010

Attack of the crazies

So i've made my craziest decision yet. After getting roundhouse-kicked in the stomach and spat in the face one too many times by the very people to whom i owe my presence in the New World, i have decided, if the bureaucratic process works out, to accept the mostly uncertain future (and i quote: "i can't guarantee that you'll be able to pay the bills, much less the rent") that a pretty prestigious world-saving organisation is offering me*.
To be fair to the aforementioned organisation, it really wasn't that hard a choice once the very people to whom i owe my presence in the New World (who will henceforth be referred to as "those fuckers") led me to understand that they would rather i left within the month than keep me on for another two years. And it was made even easier after i gave my reply to the aforementioned organisation, who then proceeded to say: "Thank you for making this decision. I hope it won't be detrimental to you".
An entirely different class of individuals, then.

Is this cryptic? Cryptic enough? Too cryptic?
I need help. Mostly of the psychiatric variety, but i'll take any i can get.

Having said that, if the bureaucratic process doesn't work out... well. I will need more help, and so will the Old Continent.

* Also, i need to stop mixing my social-networking websites (if such this might be called) because i almost finished this in the third person.

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