22 juillet 2006

It's the weekend and I've homework

Fence, bless her cheeky yet oblivious little soul, has tagged me.
Let's get straight to it.

I am thinking about
the heat. It's pervasive.

I said
"bloody children" when they woke me up at way too early *cough nine cough* this morning.

I want to
live in my fridge (the heat, it's pervasive - have I said that already?)

I wish
I could unscrew the blade cap on my newly bought fan. Because until I do, I can't use my newly bought fan. And if I can't use my newly bought fan, then I will keep thinking about the heat.

I hear
hammering. Several people have chosen the height of summer to redo their flats. It's fun.

I regret
not telling some people that they (had) mattered.

I am
what I am.

I dance
like there's no tomorrow. You know, depending on the shoes, the music, the atmosphere, the weather, and all...

I sing
on the PlayStation karaoke thingy. Once. I was a Young Talent. Yes I was.

I cry
like there's no tomorrow. You know, depending on... not much, really.

I am not always
that boring. Or maybe I am. I'll blame the heat anyway.

I make with my hands
not a lot. DIY is not my forte. Cooking? Does that count?

I write
hardly anymore. But I type a lot.

I confuse
"we'll be in touch with you next week" with an actual commitment to mail me next week, hence...

I need
someone who will really be in touch with me next week, preferably with a job offer.

And finally
I don't know. It's still as hot as it was fifteen minutes ago?

You know I don't tag, but I trust you'll let us know in the comments if you decide to play, yes?

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