06 mars 2006

No brains, no headaches?

There is something very unsettling in seeing certain athletes outside of their natural habitat, don't you think? They're stupid, aren't they? Well- some of them are: I wouldn't want to engage in blind generalization here 'cause, well, that's just not what I do.
And don't even think I'll be naming names to make this travesty of writing more... I don't know, is 'interesting' the word I'm looking for?, because I just can't afford the hate mail or the libel lawsuits.
Also, don't think I don't love them, because I do. Yessiree Bob, I do love me some athletes. Those of you who thought I was working at the Sydney Olympics for love of the game, my, aren't you silly. Of course it's the prospect of seeing muscles ripple and testosterone fly.
It's hardly going to be about the conversation, is it?
Because - and since I've already started bragging, I might as well go on - I've had conversations with athletes. Yes I have. I've even had a whole two hours to myself with a triathlete. For work, more's the pity. He was really sweet too. Very good-looking, and really sweet. And that was it. The kind of "it" that makes you wonder if two hours have ever seemed so loooong. Of course, two years before the Games, he was also a major contestant, so I was showing off to anyone who would listen (and even to some who wouldn't, really) about my little "affair" (no one was ever going to check, were they?). Eventually, he didn't even make it to the Games. Typical.
So that's one example. And then there are all the medallists who are coming back from Torino. And on they rush to give interviews. Wrong move. Seeing them giggle at everything the interviewer says just makes me wonder if their brains haven't suffered beyond any hope of repair from that one too many fall they took during warm-up.

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